City of Miami votes to allow Ultra’s return to Bayfront Park in 2020Martin Garri Ultra

City of Miami votes to allow Ultra’s return to Bayfront Park in 2020

Talk about a homecoming. In 2020, Ultra Music Festival will return to its iconic home at Miami’s Bayfront Park. The park has been the host venue for Ultra for more than half of the event’s existence, but after being forced out of Bayfront for a tumultuous 2019 outing at Virginia Key Beach Park, the event’s monolithic status on the festival circuit came into question for the first time in over two decades. A future return to Bayfront seemed even more unrealistic after Ultra voluntarily relinquished their license with the City of Miami earlier this year, to avoid any additional blow back from the Virginia Key event. However now, after lengthy discussions and debate among Miami’s City Commission, against all odds, Ultra is cleared to return to Bayfront Park in 2020.

On July 25, Miami’s city government officials voted 3-2 to allow Ultra Music Festival back to its beloved home, though, considerable financial and logistic stipulations must be met in order for Ultra to return to Miami. Shortly after voluntarily pulling out of Miami, rumors surfaced that Ultra had already honed in on a new venue in Homestead, likely at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. Whether the news leak was an intentional bluff or not, it seems that the City of Miami was having second thoughts about giving Ultra the boot, and now, for better or worse, things are as they should be once again for Ultra Music Festival.

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