Eric Prydz unveils EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE at Tomorrowland Weekend 1 [Watch]Eric Prydz 2016

Eric Prydz unveils EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE at Tomorrowland Weekend 1 [Watch]

This past weekend July 19-21, Eric Prydz took over Tomorrowland‘s Freedom Stage for one of the most anticipated performances of the year — EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE. The visionary and renowned Swedish producer has masterminded his EPIC shows since 2011, with the intent on merging boundary-pushing technology with music in order to execute a mind-blowing live show. When Prydz shared the impending debut of his latest innovation EPIC 6.0, he claimed it was his most technologically advanced production to date. Racking in over two years of development, EPIC 6.0: HOLOSPHERE officially debuted at Tomorrowland Weekend 1 on Friday night.

The latest iteration of the HOLO production employs a multi-story sphere, millions of LEDs, and dozens of panels to create its breathtaking holographic visuals. The entirety of EPIC 6.0 production is done live, with Prydz reading the crowd through cameras and the tech team following suit to coordinate with his mixing. Equipped with transformative intergalactic space themes and fitting track selections from his exhaustive archive of Eric Prydz, Pryda and Cirez D aliases, Prydz once again reigns in his title as the king of audiovisual storytelling.

Photo Credits: Eric Prydz/Facebook

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