Exclusive: Acid Pauli re-works Noema’s ‘Twilight’ into a slow burnerFuture Primitive June 2019 32 Dj Tennis Acid Pauli

Exclusive: Acid Pauli re-works Noema’s ‘Twilight’ into a slow burner

There’s no denying that there’s a huge movement of ethnocentric, Burning Man-inspired house music unfolding in Germany; it can be heard from the halls of Watergate, through labels like Kindisch, and beyond.

Acid Pauli is one at the forefront of this movement, and his latest release falls neatly into his simmering, spirtualized aesthetic. For this one, the producer has stopped by his compatriot Noema’s imprint, The Magic Movement, for guest remixing duties on his downtempo cut “Twilight.” Taking some weight off the low-end, we’re left with an airier rendition of the original where tribal drums and subtle melodies lacing the background are given the chance to shine. Acid Pauli has also removed the lyrical bits of “Twilight,” adding a sense of hypnotism in the process that doesn’t quite exist in Noema’s first take. It’s a class tune that belongs in the golden hours.

“Twilight (Acid Pauli Remix)” comes out on August 16.

Photo credit: Christian Villareal

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