Exclusive: Kraysh previews new Mad Zoo EP with ‘Devium’Kraysh Void

Exclusive: Kraysh previews new Mad Zoo EP with ‘Devium’

Mad Zoo‘s Kraysh (formerly Krayysh) has returned with his second release of 2019, leading up to a new EP release on July 11.

The Void EP’s title track made its debut in June, setting the mood for what would follow on the EP’s remaining two tracks. While maintaining the glitchy, dark tone that trends across the artist’s discography, “Void” had a somewhat optimistic undertone, aided by fknsyd‘s vocals.

“Devium” sees the return of Kraysh’s shadowy side, leading in with a eerie intro reminiscent of 2017’s “Cold Ash.” It sends chills down the spine with its melancholy melody, dropping the listener abruptly into a cacophony of bass and beats. Since Kraysh’s inaugural release in 2017, the artist’s sound design has only become more fine-tuned and precise, immersing listeners fully in the experience of his sonic soundscapes.

Kraysh’s Void EP is out July 11 via Mad Zoo.

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