First Listen: BRKLYN give behind-the-scenes look at energetic new single, ‘Can’t Take My Money’ [Q&A]Unnamed

First Listen: BRKLYN give behind-the-scenes look at energetic new single, ‘Can’t Take My Money’ [Q&A]

BRKLYN enter the electronic release ring with a distinctive new record on Armada Music,”Can’t Take My Money.” With the single, BRKLYN set a specific scene: the windows of the car, rolled down. The stereo system in the car that speeds along is cranked high, maximum volume, as the speakers fervently pump out the playful rhythm of “Can’t Take My Money.” The production is head bob inducing, and when it comes to sing-a-long potential, it’s enticing, to say the least. 

A radiant defiance emanates from the track’s lyrical content, which is defined by its spirited animation—the kind that can’t be stifled. BRKLYN’s half-shouted, half-sung delivery harnesses an edgy effervescence that complements the quirky vivacity of the song’s breakdowns. “Can’t Take My Money” has an ebullient presence, one that certainly won’t be overlooked by listeners. Dancing Astronaut touched base with BRKLYN to get the scoop on the making of the new single, their freshly inked deal with Armada, and more.

“Can’t Take My Money” is a track with a very vibrant personality, which is characteristic BRKLYN style. How did this track come together?

We wrote this joint with a dope artist named RVRB. We had the musical hook idea and a chorus idea. We were a little nervous with this being the first time working with RVRB, but we hit it off and finished this joint in one day. We later finished the production and music around the vocal. We have been exploring more of our roots and wanted to write a song with a chanty anthemic chorus that we can all scream together at shows. So you hear and feel a lot of energy and you hear a lot of guitars and weird interesting synths and hard hitting bass all effortlessly. We wanted this to be a summer feel good jam that was reminiscent and nostalgic of where we come from. Shoutout to Niko The Kid our good friend and the talented producer that helped bring this record home.

“Can’t Take My Money” has a distinctive—and very catchy—lyrical hook. What inspired the ‘can’t take my money’ lyrical concept?

This hook literally popped into my head while I was shopping with my girlfriend at the time in LA. I will never forget it. I turned to her and said “I just wrote a sick tune haha!”

The inspiration came from constantly putting so much pressure on money and worldly value, [so much so] that I wasn’t having fun anymore and felt unfulfilled. So I wrote a song about how life can happen any which way and we don’t know which way that is, so we gotta live life baby and create unforgettable moments and experiences while being generous and sharing that love and wealth with our brothers and sisters. 

You just inked a brand new deal with Armada Music, congratulations! What in particular made you want to join team Armada, and what’s next for BRKLYN on the label?

Ahhh man thank you. We are beyond excited! We feel the love from Armada and they believe in our music and vision for this project. We tried something new and challenging artistically and they were equally excited about it. We feel this is the perfect fit.

What’s next for BRKLYN is more music. We wanna grow and evolve and reach our fans. We wanna surprise our fans. So, definitely expect some cool features and expected collaborations and different music from us coming out on Armada all year long baby!!!  

You’ve gotten a lot of traction via the release of successive remixes, like your rework of Audien and Echosmith’s “Favorite Sound” and Mako’s “Breathe.” Can fans expect an EP anytime soon?

Yes, thank you to our fans who continue to support these remixes as well as the industry gatekeepers that have generously supported us. Rida [Naser] from Sirius BPM has been an incredible champion, for example, and we are so genuinely appreciative of her belief in us.  Shoutout [also] to our bread boy Audien and our good friend Alex from Mako. Happy that the response has been so lovely. It is always a challenge to take an original song that you love and do it justice with a remix. Fans can expect music, shit tons of music from us this year. We have so many tunes in our chamber that we are excited to share with you guys! Love you. 

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