First Listen: Monomotion poses contemplative new single, ‘Borders’Fujisan Fujisan CoverArt

First Listen: Monomotion poses contemplative new single, ‘Borders’

“Where do we find the will to carry on?

…How are our journeys reflected in our life’s work?”

These are the musings that flood French producer, Erol Engintalay’s lyricism through his forthcoming EP, Fujisan, on FAKE MUSIC. While many of today’s top electronic acts look to the outside world for inspiration, it’s clear that Engintalay, better known as Monomotion, finds his musical direction from within.

The latest track to emerge from Fujisan is “Borders,” an offering that’s as organic as it is born for the club. Methodical with his audible brushstrokes, Monomotion is in no rush with “Borders,” allowing the song’s enchanted atmosphere to paint itself at just under 100 bpm. The single builds with layer upon layer of breathing soundscape, employing feint chirps, crisp gusts of wind, and distant, chanting vocals all before dropping listeners back onto the dancefloor with Monomotion’s room-filling claps.

The seven-track Fujisan is out on FAKE MUSIC July 26.

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