Good Morning Mix: FIGHT CLVB’s fiery Diplo & Friends showingFCPRESS 10

Good Morning Mix: FIGHT CLVB’s fiery Diplo & Friends showing

Wake up and hear the bass. FIGHT CLVB send listeners’ speakers booming into early morning action with their Diplo & Friends mix, a one-hour exposition of the electronic duo’s saucy sound. The diverse mix is rich with the dancehall and moombahton technics that have long flavored FIGHT CLVB’s music while encouraging streamers to dance.

These sonic styles are present through the journey. FIGHT CLVB notably place a moombahton twist on Virtual Self‘s “Ghost Voices” early in the mix, but they don’t stop there. Other records in the mix receive similarly lively treatment, like FISHER‘s “Losin’ It” and Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name.” The production pair’s Diplo & Friends outing evinces their ability to creatively re-envision and revamp cuts across genres, and coincides with the recent release of their debut album, RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE. The double-sided venture is out now via FIGHT CLVB’s FIGHT FREE imprint.

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