Good Morning Mix: Revisit Adventure Club’s explosive ‘Superheroes Anonymous 6’ mixAdventure Club Facebook Official E1592617926532

Good Morning Mix: Revisit Adventure Club’s explosive ‘Superheroes Anonymous 6’ mix

Anyone who knows Adventure Club has heard or has at least vaguely associated them with their mixtape series, Superheroes Anonymous. The duo released the first edition of Superheroes Anonymous back in 2013; the rest is history. Since then, the mixes have grown virtually synonymous with Adventure Club themselves, with the two producers putting forward the best of melodic dubstep, electro-house, trap, and hip-hop into one hour of cathartic heaven.

Now, we revisit one of Adventure Club’s most iconic mixes, Superheroes Anonymous 6: Road to Red Rocks. Road to Red Rocks showcases Adventure Club’s versatility at its best, with each track traversing through a sonic journey. Starting off with proper intensity, the mix delivers bass music from Barely Alive, Zomboy, and NGHTMRE and trap tunes like Styles&Complete & EXSSV’s “Starstruck” and Father’s “Wrist” before leveling out into melodic picks from San Holo, Sweater Beats, and Cashmere Cat. Adventure Club takes the opportunity to shift the momentum from filth to feels and energy to stillness over the course of the mix, incorporating their beloved signature sound throughout and gracefully closing out with Gallant‘s “Open Up”.

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