Keys N Krates deliver ‘A Beat Tape For Your Friends’

Canadian trio Keys N Krates have been relatively quiet since the release of their 2018 full-length project, Cura. Turns out they’ve been cooking up a tasty 24-minute “beat tape,” consisting of 11 tracks to set the summer mood.

Listeners will find a little bit of everything woven into this this set of tracks, from brief interludes to longer pieces like the four-minute “Sad Piano.” A Beat Tape for Your Friends sees the trio flex their hip-hop muscles in varying ways, from easygoing beats to the Jansport J-assisted “Baby Don’t Cry” and “Evening at the Beach.”

“The project is all instrumental and pays homage to the beat tapes we love like Jay Dilla’s “Donuts” which has helped shape how we approach music in general,” the band says of the new compilation. “This is our take on that idea, made from our perspective. It’s a good-vibe playlist you can put on with your friends to enjoy the summer and get outdoors after a long winter.”

Photo credit: Rhyan Correia

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