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Kid Cudi reveals iconic Coachella jam was the result of an LSD trip

In 2018, Coachella stream history was made during MGMT‘s main stage set. A joyous Kid Cudi was caught on camera dancing in the most carefree of fashions along with the band’s 2007 hit “Electric Feel.” Fans proceeded to conclude that the rapper must have had quite a bit of liquor in the red Solo cup he’d been holding at the time due to the unrestrained nature of the moment. However, it turns out that Kid Cudi wasn’t drunk at all; in fact, as he confessed on Twitter, LSD was the catalyst behind the movement.

“I dont know if I ever told yall this but, this was right when the acid started kickin in and I couldn’t help myself,” began Cudi in his social media confessional. “I wouldn’t say I was drunk just trippin balls.”

He closed his statement by thanking MGMT for letting him groove onstage with them, eliciting a “love saves the day!” response from the band. Seth Rogen also jumped on the thread, asking to be invited the next time. Kid Cudi responded by telling Rogen that a dropping acid with him would be an honor. It seems that a trip of the ages awaits.

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