Knife Party release highly anticipated ‘Lost Souls’ EP [Stream]Ultra 2016 Rukes 4 Kinfe Party

Knife Party release highly anticipated ‘Lost Souls’ EP [Stream]

The cliché “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is one that quite a few dance fans agree with when it comes to the topic of Knife Party. The groundbreaking bass outfit led by Rob Swire has been brewing their latest release for four years now, and after teasing the fans with “Ghost Train” in April, Lost Souls has finally arrived.

Knife Party have provided four new tracks to savor, and each rings with the distinctive low-end, electro sound that brought the Australian group to prominence nearly a decade ago. “No Saint” opens the EP on a roaring note, employing choice vocal clips and intriguing percussion underneath sinister melodies.

Things take a turn for the dramatically cunning in the EP’s title track, which samples an eccentric vocal before building into a wild cacaphony of shrieking bass and synths that burst out like machine guns. The catastrophic feel simultaneously works the dancefloor and stirs an unsettling feeling within. Harrison joins in on the funk-based, melodic “Death & Desire”—the lightest track on the record that adds a bit of euphoria into the mix. Lost Souls finally closes with the powerful “Ghost Train.” Overall, an EP worthy of the time it took to reach its release.

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