Man jailed for attempting to set up pop-up drug shop at Glastonbury 2019Glastonbury Photo Credit John Hines E1596645024497

Man jailed for attempting to set up pop-up drug shop at Glastonbury 2019

Authorities jailed a man after security caught him with a stockpile of Class A and B drugs at last month’s Glastonbury festival. Glastonbury 2019 took place June 26 – 30 at Worthy Farm for another year of numerous highlights including a historic headlining performance by Stormzy, various Keith Flint tributes, and more. 2020 will mark Glastonbury’s 50th milestone anniversary.

Bristol Crown Court heard the man—Shaun Davies—and his case on July 24. Davies, 24, from Liverpool, pleaded guilty to possession of drugs with intent to supply on June 27. Davies was found carrying eight bags of cocaine, seven bags of MDMA, 33 LSD tablets, 0.19g of DMT, 36 bags of cannabis, and 18.2g of cocaine. His pop-up shop also consisted of digital scales, snaps bags, and two mobile phones. Davies had also been handed a suspended 10-month jail term for the same offense in Liverpool 22 days prior.

Judge William Hart jailed Davies for 42 months, including the now re-activated 10-month jail term. Judge Hart commented, “There is always a grave danger, selling drugs at festivals, that young people who attend will be cajoled or tempted into their first experience of drugs, and so there’s that ready market of vulnerable young people.”

Davies’ defendant Mark Linehan said Davies had been in a “vulnerable state” and coerced into selling drugs at Glastonbury as a result of a £5,000 drug debt.


Featured Image: John Hines

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