Multi-talented Ashlynn Malia drops chilling new single ‘Desperate’Ashlynn Malia Desperate COVER ART 1 1

Multi-talented Ashlynn Malia drops chilling new single ‘Desperate’

Ashlynn Malia may not be a household name yet, but that’s bound to change. With a career as an award-winning contemporary dancer, she’s built up a sizable social media following from dance routines and acoustic covers alone. The LA-based influencer has songwriting credentials and she’s dabbled in electronic music, though she’s ready to prove she’s here to stay on “Desperate.”

Produced by Peach Fumes, one-half of rising alt-electronic duo LMBO, “Desperate” envelops captivating lyrical and melodic elements, displaying Malia’s steady refinement of her vocal and songwriting ability. Peach Fumes adds pressing production elements to give the arrangement a bold, yet pleasant feel, including heavy synths, piano riffs, and pitched vocal motifs.

Watch Malia’s full dance-routine for the song and look out for an official music video in the coming weeks.

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