NETSKY and Aloe Blacc’s ‘Snitch’ captures a perfectly complementary collaborative balanceNetsky Lil Wayne Remi

NETSKY and Aloe Blacc’s ‘Snitch’ captures a perfectly complementary collaborative balance

NETSKY and Aloe Blacc‘s track “Snitch” is immediately recognizable it opens with an original and slick guitar riff, one that may be familiar, as the award-winning globally renowned electronic music producer has been throwing it down at festivals for the past year. However, ten seconds in one realizes this isn’t just your everyday electronic jam.

“This song started it’s life in the Stargate studio in Venice – Stargate and I had a session with Aloe Blacc,” said NETSKY in a press statement. “I would never have thought this was the kind of beat that Aloe would go for; it’s pretty different for him, but he loved it and absolutely killed the verses.”

“Snitch” is unpredictable in nature and even deeper than that it is a tried and true dance beat. NETSKY and Aloe Blacc capture a little bit of everything everyone trying to get up and down have come to expect. The descendants of trap-beat-claps welcome heavy bass; Aloe Blacc ignites with a memorable chorus, “I ain’t fucking with you no more, because you a snitch and that’s a no no.” The track traverses smoothly between headbanging fun and melody that provokes ears to perk up, creating space for drops, groove, and release.

“Snitch” is hot off the heels of “I Don’t Even Know You Anymore” featuring Bazzi and Lil Wayne. Both tracks will appear on the upcoming Palmtrees & Powerlines. Which looks is looking to be a two-part album, the Powerlines side looking to be more dance and electronic oriented, as one may expect.

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