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New mobile application emerges allowing club goers to choose the DJ’s next song

Have you ever been the person in a noisy club that pulls up “Mo Bamba” on your phone and flashes the screen in front of the DJ? If so, please don’t be. But if you must be heard, now there’s an application that allows party goers to digitally offer their two cents with the press of a button—PSLY. Yonathan Kristos developed the app, which allows users to vote on the next song played in the venue. The DJ will also be required to have the app in order to play the song that gets the most amount of votes.

PSLY offers a predetermined list of songs, as well as the requesting party’s own personal music library to the DJ, pretty much removing the selector’s responsibility to…well, select the next record. Who knows what could happen? Generally, as a no-requests culture is embedded in the current club zeitgeist, since song selection and crowd reading are attributes typically needed to excel in the craft, one can see how news of the application’s launch has brought mixed reviews. Understandably, josh pan was not impressed—a sentiment that’s likely shared among many of his contemporaries.

PSLY launched in Toronto’s Love Child Social House and is currently being used on Friday nights at Figures nightclub. It’s available on the Apple app store and Google’s play store. The startup released a quick tutorial video on how the product works, see the demo below.

Photo Credit: Wael Hamzeh

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