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New Uber policy may make pre- and post-rave transportation difficult

Uber drivers have become an integral part of modern society. People rely on them to get to work, to get to school, and, of course, to get to the rave. Driving under the influence of anything is highly dangerous, and Uber and other rideshare services have helped alleviate this widespread issue in recent years.

For ravers, being able to use a rideshare service is a dream come true. For the drivers, not so much—and not just because they don’t like listening to EDM or dealing with hyped-up party-goers. For almost the entirety of Uber’s existence, drivers would have no indication of their passenger’s destination before picking them up. This is why drivers can seem frustrated when they get slapped with a 50-mile ride away from the city. While it’s a nice fare for the driver, the app doesn’t account for the time and the gas they have to spend heading back the other way.

Overall, it’s much more lucrative for drivers to have consistent, shorter rides close to home. That way they maximize their time being paid for their miles, and now Uber is making it easier for drivers to do that. A new change to the app will let drivers see the first part of the rider’s destination prior to picking them up. This, in turn, might make it much harder to get to and from an event.

This change comes after Uber lost their latest court appeal against drivers’ rights back in December of last year. According to them, this new policy will help cut down on cancellations and make the entire process smoother for both drivers and riders.

For years, Uber has always informed drivers of large-scale events in their area as they represent possible lucrative opportunities. They also represent places to avoid. With so many cars and so many people, the pick-up zones are often unorganized, and drivers can end up being stuck for hours only to have the ride canceled because phone service is overloaded or the riders become impatient. Now, with the ability to see a rider’s destination beforehand, it’s likely many drivers will opt out of rides to the rave. The best thing to do as someone who needs a ride to the party is to be extra polite and grateful to the driver.

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