NOKO release ambient second single from forthcoming EP, ‘Chop Chop’

“Chop Chop” isn’t just the name of NOKO‘s newest single–rather, the title also describes the expedient nature of the duo’s recent release activity. After dropping their debut single, “Desert Bloom,” on July 16, NOKO make another instrumental outing via “Chop Chop.” In terms of construction, “Chop Chop” is “Desert Bloom’s” converse: whereas “Desert Bloom” asserts a lively and uninhibited energy, “Chop Chop” channels a comparatively more muted ambience.

Melodic vocal chops filter in during the tune’s opening seconds and prove a sustaining element of the song as they undulate with the beat. Gentle keys seamlessly pair with the unimposing bass with which NOKO accent the song’s centerpiece vocal chops. Low-fi arpeggiation adds a sense of texture to the production. “Chop Chop” is the second single from NOKO’s forthcoming EP, DAWN, slated to arrive in August.

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