Tomorrowland & Timmy Trumpet up troll ante with Vitas ‘7th Element’ cameoTimmy Trumpet Vitas Credit His Facebook

Tomorrowland & Timmy Trumpet up troll ante with Vitas ‘7th Element’ cameo

The name “Vitas” might not sound familiar at first, but most who possess an appreciation of meme culture most certainly know who he is by face and voice. Vitas is a Russian singer, whose distinctive falsetto and stationary facial expressing in the single “7th Element” have earned him billions of views collectively over the years. It’s an oddly infectious piece, so left-field that viewers can’t look away upon discovery.

Timmy Trumpet was clearly inspired by this phenomenon, judging by his Tomorrowland set. In a move that some might even describe as a troll or a publicity stunt, the artist brought Vitas on stage with him to sing along live with what seemed to be a 2019 revamp of the infamous tune. He seems to have transformed “7th Element” into a Melbourne bounce-esque number; but it’s hard to tell exactly because within a minute, he and Vitas had shifted into a psy/hardstyle mashup of the infamous Edvard Grieg classic “In The Hall Of The Mountain King.” Mr. Trumpet certainly did a formidable job matching the ridiculousness of Salvatore Ganacci the year prior with this showing.

Photo credit: Facebook/TimmyTrumpet

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