Underworld and Ø [Phase] are a match made in heavenUnderworld Phase

Underworld and Ø [Phase] are a match made in heaven

Underworld are pioneers of the progressive world. Ø [Phase] has been building a reputation for cutting edge techno for two decades now. Aside from the fact they’re both well-known British talents, the idea of their musical paths crossing seems far-fetched. We’ve come to find out, however, that not only are they fans of each others’ work, but that they also pair up like fine wine and cheese in their searing new single, “Border Country.” The track is part of Underworld’s long-spanning DRIFT project—its fourth chapter, to be exact—which concludes in October.

The futuristic, emotive qualities of Underworld productions complement the pounding, atmospheric aesthetic put forth by Ø [Phase] quite nicely, equating to an intense journey that can be likened to travelling through space. Not to mention, the track is expertly built; it continues to build in strength all the way through to the end, concluding after a second drop that knocks listeners on their feet. It marks one of the most unexpected and bold moves that Underworld has made in recent years, and we suspect the record will be heavily rinsed among the techno community.

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