Wolfgang Gartner returns to roots as Joey Youngman on new house cut, ‘So Thankful’Wolfgang Gartner Live LA Credit NAFT Photography

Wolfgang Gartner returns to roots as Joey Youngman on new house cut, ‘So Thankful’

It has been a Hall of Fame career for Wolfgang Gartner over the last two decades. One of the key proponents in EDM’s global explosion, and the godfather of complextro, Wolfgang’s decorated journey through dance music has been an inspiring narrative to watch unfold. Even after a brief hiatus in 2015, then a deep dive into the infectious nature of pop music, and a dabble in R&B, Gartner, real name Joey Youngman, has always maintained a complicated relationship with house music, though now it’s coming full circle.

Gartner has turned in a new single, “So Thankful,” as Joey Youngman, using his real name seemingly for the first time since 2005, and appropriately so. The track, produced alongside Bobby D’Ambrosio, is a return to roots for Youngman—an homage to his inextricable tie to the genre that made him the venerated dance powerhouse he is today. Youngman crafts a groovy bassline, weaving soulful vocal cuts into a club floor burner on “So Thankful.” And while Youngman’s return to origins may never yield another “Illmerica,” this nostalgic new (old) direction for Wolfgang Gartner is an exciting new chapter in an already brilliant career. Listen below.

Featured image: NAFT Photography

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