Woodstock 50 denied venue permit in Oneida CountyWoodstock50

Woodstock 50 denied venue permit in Oneida County

2019 remains a cursed year for Woodstock 50 as the anniversary event continues to face logistical nightmare after logistical nightmare. The festival, which according to the official website’s live countdown still takes place in a month and still boasts acts like The Killers, Dead & Company, Jay-Z, and Chance the Rapper, lost its original venue at the Watkins Glen Raceway in NY earlier this month. In more recent news, the proposed celebration of peace and culture was denied a permit at the much smaller Vernon Downs Raceway just this week.

Woodstock 50’s have five days to appeal the decision, but Oneida Country Administrator Anthony Picente Jr. stated that the chances of the festival happening at Vernon Downs is “highly unlikely.”

Woodstock 50’s organizers released a statement following the decision.

“In response to the denial of an event permit by the Town of Vernon, Woodstock 50 believes certain political forces may be working against the resurrection of the Festival. Local reports claim Woodstock’s filing for the permit was “incomplete” but that is not the case. Woodstock 50 officials were informed by the Town of Vernon that most questions had been answered and asked only that Woodstock submit medical, safety/security and traffic plans by this past Sunday, which it did. With a venue chosen, financing assembled and many of the artist’s [sic] supporting Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary event, the organizers are hopeful that their appeal and reapplication tonight will prevail without further political interference.”

The festival, which was originally planned as a 3 -day event including camping, is now being pitched as three 1-day events where attendees leave and return each day. Woodstock 50’s fate may be up in the air, but as the festival website’s live countdown insists, time is ticking…

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