Alison Wonderland and QUIX ponder the passage of ‘TIME’ [Review]Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland and QUIX ponder the passage of ‘TIME’ [Review]

Discerning listeners would likely expect an aural brainchild between Australia’s Alison Wonderland and New Zealand’s QUIX to be a highly explosive festival weapon, riddled with resounding bass. See: QUIX’s serrated remix of Alison Wonderland’s “Happy Place.” But, in fact, their new collaboration, “TIME,” is subtle and smoldering, with far less audacious bass displays than their longtime catalogs hold affinity for.

As the listener enters the swirling, cosmic corridors of “TIME,” pensive piano and a languorous club beat precede the quickening tick-of-the-clock sample, nearly in time with a mounting snare. Slow and deliberate bass enters the forefront, alongside a glitchy synth line, before Wonderland’s fraught vocal cut segues into a pummeling breakdown for the track’s finale. The song invokes the cinematic lysergia of Chromatics‘ “Running Up That Hill” or the indie dancefloor hypnosis inherent in Tame Impala and ZHU‘s “My Life.”

Opalescent and free-flowing down to its finest fibers, the kaleidoscopic sonic tonic was apparently the result of some quixotic musings from one of Wonderland’s psychedelic encounters. She attributes the metaphysical nature of the track to her desire to “stretch time.” She tweeted that the production process was one of her most enjoyable creations to date.

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