ANNA and Kittin share acid-soaked single ‘Forever Ravers’ANNA Miss Kittin

ANNA and Kittin share acid-soaked single ‘Forever Ravers’

Techno patrician ANNA has teamed up with the notoriously raunchy Kittin (formerly Miss Kittin) for her third showing on Kompakt’s Speicher sub-label, an indomitable acid kicker titled “Forever Ravers.”

With ANNA’s surging, in-your-face style and Kittin’s unrelenting electro-clash attitude, the two come together like a techno-PB&J. “Forever Ravers” is as ravishing as it is aggressive, forgoing the slow-burning subtleties of the genre for something much more transparent. Punchy, clamoring snares at first seem over the top, though only until you realize that it’s not just smoke and mirrors: the entire track’s been cranked up to 11. Crude and careening acid basslines set the stage for Kittin’s aural affront, and arguably year-defining vocals: “We’re fucking ravers / forever ravers / forever ravers… / Techno—gender —fluid.”

Also included in the release package is ANNA’s Raving In Space Mix which, is a bit more subdued and a lot more exploratory than the original. Gone are the chunky acid synths, as the Brazillian producer forges a more experimental atmosphere in a B-side that’s not to be overlooked.

Photo credit: Piero-Davila

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