Biicla makes global debut with the eccentric ‘No Place’3

Biicla makes global debut with the eccentric ‘No Place’

With the release of “No Place,” the United States electronic music music market gets its first introduction to an innovative new import: Biicla. The small town Russian producer has made a name for himself exclusively in the sonic circles of his home country, until now. Biicla’s debut global release, “No Place” is an idiosyncratic indie electronic endeavor with a distinctive sound.

The track’s vocal is dynamic; it transitions from spoken verses, directly delivered, to smoothly sung choruses. Biicla keeps listeners on their toes with the shifting character of the cut’s vocal as he works with a punchy, bass-sustained background beat. Rugged guitar riffs add texture to the tune’s arrangement. The shrill, glitchy instrumental tones audible at the breakdowns contribute to the refreshing, eccentric nature of the cut.

Biicla enters the States’ electronic scene on the recommendation of the same team that discovered Oliver Tree, Whethan, and Mason Ramsey. Listeners seeking sound that ventures off the beaten path will want to direct their attention to the rising electronic entity as he further develops his unique sound across releases to come.

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