Camelphat co-produce Duke Dumont’s latest hit, ‘The Power’Duke Dumont 019 Credit Daniel Lee

Camelphat co-produce Duke Dumont’s latest hit, ‘The Power’

Duke Dumont and Camelphat have both become icons in the past half decade, with both respective acts being behind megahits like “Ocean Drive” and “Cola.” Thus, it was only a matter of time before these two crossover magnates combined for a joint hit. They’ve presented us with “The Power,” featuring vocals by rising star Zak Abel.

Though Camelphat have taken a more behind-the-scenes role in the single, opting not to show off their names on DSPs and online markets, their imprint can be heard easily within. “The Power” is light, infectious, and vocal-driven—common ingredients of a Duke Dumont hit designed to perfection. A higher tempo house foundation implies Camelphat’s hand. Meanwhile, both artists’ knacks for creating catchy melodies and injecting accessibility into their works makes for yet another jewel within their production crowns.

Photo credit: Daniel Lee

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