Carnage feat Terror Bass – Holy MolyCover Carnage Holy Moly Ft. Terror Bass

Carnage feat Terror Bass – Holy Moly

“Holy Moly” is right, this track is straight up bonkers. Carnage has always been one to throw down straight up mayhem makers, but his latest collaboration with Terror Bass is quite possibly his most sinister track to date. This monstrous production opens with an orchestra before descending into pure bass heavy madness. It’s a jarring production bursting at the seams with serrated synths and floor-shaking bass. “Holy Moly” combines cacophony of trap, dubstep and blistering bass music from the genre’s undisputed heavyweight and a strong follow up to his recent releases “Blitzkreig” and “Slot Machine.”

This one is bound to set some car alarms off.

The music video for “Holy Moly” is equally ridiculous.

Beware of murderous nuns.

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