Dillon Francis and Eptic ‘Let It Go’ on MonstercatDillon Francis Partying

Dillon Francis and Eptic ‘Let It Go’ on Monstercat

Monstercat has signed on two powerhouses for its latest release. Dillon Francis and Eptic bring a hefty taste of moombahton to the label in “Let It Go,” an audacious piece high in energy and main stage appeal. The track starts off on a sentimental note, with soft synths and deep vocal melodies easing the listener in. Then comes the switch up: these feel-good elements lead into a wild soundscape filled with classic moombah rhythms and buzzing bass. These contrasting elements in “Let It Go” ensure a wild ride from start to finish that will surely be covering dancefloors far and wide for the coming months.

Both Dillon Francis and Eptic have been behind some notable collaborative tunes in 2019. Eptic made waves with DJ Snake earlier in the year with their kinetic “SouthSide,” while Francis continued to explore genre fusion in his piece with lovelytheband, “Change Your Mind.”

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