Dirty South returns to This Never Happened with ‘Little Devious’ EP [Stream]Scmf17b 053

Dirty South returns to This Never Happened with ‘Little Devious’ EP [Stream]

Dirty South is back on Lane 8‘s mystifying imprint, This Never Happened, with a new four-track EP entitled Little Devious. His previous contribution to the label was one in a series of remixes of Lane 8’s single, “No Captain” which featured POLIÇA on vocals. Now Dirty South—real name Dragan Roganović—has his first original offering on This Never Happened.

For over 15 years, Roganović has been hustling both in the studios and behind the decks, and as a result, has never lost touch. The Serbian-Australian makes music in tune with the sounds driving contemporary club floors, while maintaining his own exceedingly sleek approach to house music. One of the many ways he remains relevant is by seeking out forward-thinking labels like This Never Happened.

Dirty South tracks are known for being something of aural novels. Roganović’s ability to paint pictures with his music is revered internationally, as seen through the artist’s Grammy nomination. This EP sees him venture into the darker reaches of his sonic palate. Each of the four cuts features a ghostly breakdown, creating feelings of longing and loss before the support of heavy drums urges the listener to keep going. Stream the Little Devious EP in full below.

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