DROELOE announce touring change to create a better audiovisual world for fans02 Droeloe Heroic Comp

DROELOE announce touring change to create a better audiovisual world for fans

DROELOE gave their fans a good scare when a series of social media announcements alluded to a “final chapter” and potential split. The duo began hinting at the end of an era together at the end of July this year, 2019, posting a status on their social media platforms that read, “A promise is made | The Final Chapter.” On August 3, they made the following heartfelt statement:

“After 4 years of being on this wild roller-coaster ride called DROELOE together its time to turn over a new leaf, divide & conquer and reach our maximum potential,” they began. “We’ll tell you more soon.”

They later adjusted their post to tell fans that “this isn’t the end,” and further clarified on August 5 that they’d simply chose to reallocate touring and content creation duties. They are still together creatively, but will no longer be touring as a pair. Instead, Hein, who handles the project’s visual direction, will be staying at home helping to create new art remotely. Vincent, the duo’s audio force, will be touring solo whilst continuing to craft DROELOE’s musical compositions. This new division of tasks means they’ll better be able to accomplish their overarching goal of creating a unique “audiovisual world” for fans. It appears as though they will taking one final tour together after their next EP on August 23, per promo on their Instagram.

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To clarify, Since the beginning of DROELOE; Hein has created all the Visual Art, Vincent has created all the Music. We want to do more and we feel like we can. Our vision for the project has always been to create this audio/visual world and to do cool multi-media stuff. And it still is. But we’ve realized that in order to do this we may need to change the way we do things currently. Vincent gets inspired and creates well on the road while Hein excels when he stays in one place for a while and immerses himself. So starting 2020, Hein is going to expand the visual DROELOE universe from home, while Vincent will continue touring and making music like he always has and will. That is what we meant when we said “Divide & Conquer”. Progress demands change, and progress is our goal. We want to give you the best of what DROELOE can be and this is how we’ll do it. We feel that Music and Art are what drives inspiration and what brings a community together. Therefore giving the truest most raw form of Music and Art to our fans is our biggest goal. We will always stay honest and true to you all and ourselves while delivering the rawest form of Art in all aspects. – H&V

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