DROELOE offer animated rework of Petit Biscuit’s ‘We Were Young’Unnamed File

DROELOE offer animated rework of Petit Biscuit’s ‘We Were Young’

Petit Biscuit‘s work with featured artist, JP Cooper, resulted in a smooth flowing, mid-tempo production with a mellow overall makeup, “We Were Young.” Reliable when it comes to turning a release on its head, bitbird mainstays, DROELOE re-envision Petit Biscuit’s original in a remix that emanates the two-piece outfit’s signature sound: percussion-reliant builds and whimsically textural breakdowns.

DROELOE make a number of impactful revisions to Petit Biscuit’s original single. The duo first quicken the pace of their rework. DROELOE’s take then progresses with crisp, percussive-heavy mounts that crest in clean, drum-assisted drops. In characteristic DROELOE style, the re-imagination is plucky and youthful in energy.

Photo credit: DROELOE/Facebook

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