DROELOE treat listeners to the first taste of forthcoming EP with ‘Virtual Friends’DR 2018 PRESSPIC MED VB 01 E1566532547161

DROELOE treat listeners to the first taste of forthcoming EP with ‘Virtual Friends’

Ever electronically inventive, Dutch duo DROELOE are back with a brand new original, “Virtual Friends.” The single is the first from their forthcoming third EP, A Promise Is Made, and is defined by low, moody chords. It stands in stark contrast to the tonal brightness of DROELOE’s previous release, a whimsical remix of Petit Biscuit‘s “We Were Young.”

Crepuscular chords rise and fall in the opening seconds of the track as the male vocal slowly fades in. That the track is a rumination on solitude is evident in the lyrics that this vocalist verbalizes: “I don’t want to be alone, with my fingers on my phone.” 

The main idea behind the song is about how differences between online and in-person communication can lead to a feeling of disconnect


The shifting background beat underlies the vocal arches with clean drum strikes. In characteristic DROELOE style, tight percussion constructs “Virtual Friend’s” builds. The drops are punctuated by clean pops of bass, accented by the tinny sound of bells.

A Promise Is Made will be the final chapter in DROELOE’s past, present, future themed EP series. The EP, which will release via bitbird on October 11, will conceptually center on the interpersonal distance that technology can create.

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