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Five Bonobo songs to spin at home ahead of his Brooklyn Mirage set

Bonobo‘s expansive catalog of releases dates back to 2000, the year that the discerning sound-spinner set his debut LP, Animal Magic, loose with Ninja Tune. In the 19 years that have followed, the Bonobo earmark has grown synonymous with cerebral constructions that indulge in deeply textural explorations of Bonobo’s instrumental whims.

Long championed by fans as a transcendent approach to live electronic play, Bonobo’s format lures listeners to venues across the world, for strategic envelopment in Bonobo’s distinctively immersive sound. The producer will take his talents to New York’s beloved Brooklyn Mirage on August 17, to treat attendees to a luxuriant evening of lush soundscapes. Dancing Astronaut reminisces on five gems from Bonobo’s sprawling repertoire to ready readers for the electronic affair.


Harp strings add a tonal glimmer to “Sapphire,” a subdued offering that hails from Bonobo’s 2013 LP, The North Borders. Rich and languorous, “Sapphire” foregrounds percussive elements that add a crispness to the lighter body of the harp. Grounding bass that Bonobo weaves in an unimposing fashion focalizes the number.

“Stay The Same”

Andreya Triana lends her soft vocals to Bonobo’s “Stay The Same,” a number that is sustained by subtle, deep chords strummed on a guitar. The Black Sands inclusion from 2010 is a languidly paced tune that softly unfolds with multi-instrumental richness. A suave saxophone lends a buttery smoothness to the chorus, as the vocal-centric showing unhurriedly chugs forth.

“Nothing Owed”

Evocative of vintage jazz, “Nothing Owed” channels an aged authenticity. The downtempo ballad cyclically shifts its rhythm, which rises and falls in reliable surges. Sultry guitar riffs flirt with percussion as saxophone notes skirt over the instrumental interactions, affecting a fluid cacophony of sound.


Bonobo’s latest display surfaces as a slow-burning instrumental course of action that marks the producer’s first release since January 2019’s “Ibrik.” “Linked” starts off at a simmering pace that subtly mounts to flow forth with a temperate sense of ease. The melodies are pure and unimposing; the general tone of the track is cool and clean: a Bonobo emblem, for certain.

“Linked” embodies the sweetly climactic character that permeates through Bonobo’s catalog


Bonobo’s first original release in a nearly two-year time span, “Ibrik” re-introduced the melody weaver back into the electronic circle, where his absence was certainly felt among listeners. Strikes of a xylophone add a mesmerizing allure to this downtempo expo of Bonobo’s productive ease; it’s mellifluous, smooth, and refined, stylistically well within Bonobo’s wheelhouse.

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