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Four Tet releases new cinematic three-track EP, ‘Anna Painting’

As the excitement builds around Kieren Hebden’s—commonly known as Four Tet⁠—next album, the electronic savant continues to tease his widespread fanbase with a steady stream of new music, the latest of which is his new EP, Anna Painting.

“We worked in tandem from conversation and correspondence. I made music and Anna responded to it with drawings and paintings, apart from the last track, which I made after having seen her work,” Hebden said in a statement.

Other than the vivid images Hebden’s music is known to aurally illustrate, this title retains a more literal meaning as well. Hebden produced the EP in collaboration with his good friend and celebrated painter, Anna Liber Lewis.

Upon listening to these three tracks, it’s no surprise Hebden worked with Lewis as they represent the more whimsical, fluorescent sector of his oeuvre. The listener can hear when Lewis would introduce a new idea into the painting that Hebden would then translate into music.

Photo credit: Anna Liber Lewis

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