Ibiza’s Caló d’en Serral beach closes in wake of E. Coli contaminationIbiza

Ibiza’s Caló d’en Serral beach closes in wake of E. Coli contamination

Health officials have temporarily closed Ibiza’s Caló d’en Serral beach following reports of biological contamination. The San Antonio Bay beach’s closure comes shortly after the Ministry of Health of the Balearic Government found elevated levels of E. Coli in the Caló d’en Serral water during their performance of routine water quality tests. They hypothesize that the toxic presence of aqueous E. Coli arose on behalf of passing ships’ offloading human excrement into the ocean.

The Sant Josep local council affirmed that Caló d’en Serral will “re-open as soon as the tests confirm that normality has been restored” in a statement addressing the momentary suspension of Caló d’en Serral access. It’s unclear when exactly the beach is expected to reopen. In the midst of the Spanish nightclub mecca’s hungriest touring season, The White Isle’s extensive and international inhabitants should certainly watch where they’re swimming in coming days.

Photo Credit: Xescu Prats

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