Illegal rave in Ibiza leads to arrest of 73, 13 injuredIllegal Rave

Illegal rave in Ibiza leads to arrest of 73, 13 injured

Ibiza police arrested 73 ravers this past weekend, on August 23, while shutting down an illegal rave transpiring in government-protected woods near the Spanish island’s Cala Conta beach .

The irreverent party, which attracted an approximate 1,000 total attendees, swiftly turned into an aggressive affront once authorities arrived on the scene. When 40 some odd police officers attempted to break up the event, around 200 party-goers negated the evacuation and reportedly began attacking officials with iron bars and rocks, according to Civil Guard chief, Enrique Gómez .

“When officers arrived to tell [attendees that] they had to leave and stop the music because it was an illegal party in a protected area, they refused to do so, provoking police and even assaulting them and injuring several,” Gomez said.

The crowd’s antagonistic behavior led one police officer to fire his gun into the air. 11 officers sustained “non-serious” injuries that medical personnel attended to on-site, with 13 injuries in total. Two of the assailants were meanwhile transported to the hospital for injuries, including a broken bone. The 73 who were detained at the scene were held for a litany of transgressions, including resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, and civil disobedience.


Photo: Delfina Forstmann

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