Kayzo drops high-powered sophomore album, ‘Unleashed’ [Stream]Kayzo Credit John Davisson

Kayzo drops high-powered sophomore album, ‘Unleashed’ [Stream]

As the golden EDM years fade further and further into the background, the number of artists maintaining the sensationalized, hyper-synth feel in their music is dwindling. Some might be happy this trend is on its way out. Others might be sad.

Regardless of any individual’s opinion on the inevitable shift, there is something that always rings true when the hype separates from a particular sound: the artists who stick with it do so because they love it, and Kayzo is sticking with it on his new album, Unleashed.

The young producer didn’t hold anything back on his latest LP, adopting various tempos and genres, including flecks of rockā€”all built on the raw energy that inspired a generation of kids to don neon furries and gauntlets of polychromatic beads. In keeping with the inclusive spirit of EDM, Kayzo tapped various collaborators for every track on the album. Literally. There is not one song without a feature. 1788-L, YULTRON, and k?d are just a few of artists who contributed their equally enthusiastic sound to the album.

Photo credit: John Davisson

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