LICK’s debut long play, ‘DARK VIBE ORDER,’ is hereLICK Hard Summer

LICK’s debut long play, ‘DARK VIBE ORDER,’ is here

LICK‘s font size is increasing on festival lineups—and for good reason. A gem unearthed by Zeds Dead as a premier act in the bass space recently released his debut EP, DARK VIBE ORDER, which proves to be an eclectic array of bass and a midtempo clinic. After impressing on remixes of Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner, Seven Lions, GTA (now Good Times Ahead), Virtual Self, and more, the artist is bodying 2019 with original work, nabbing a collaboration with WHIPPED CREAM,”GREATEST.” DARK VIBE ORDER is a journey around the depths of frequencies and a must-listen for those in the bass scene.

“SENSATION” either sets the mood or teases, whichever perception, while “DAWNLESS” featuring TIMIAN takes a head-first dive into the murky depths of low-end sound design. “POISON” has a more celestial, outer-space width, with bass that numbs the gravity and flips to a driving techno, contrasting heavily with the first chorus.

“NO WAY” is both the title of the following song—a title appropriate for its jaw-dropping qualities. A single alongside Slowpalace and Sara Skinner, “DISAPPEAR,” shows a softer side in the second hook with a dynamic future bass bit. Other singles released prior to the full compilation release date including the rock ‘n’ roll bass on “BODY” and transformers-wrecking-highways synth play alongside the vocal serenity of Tori Letzler on “RUNAWAY.” The vocals on “RUNAWAY” and “DISAPPEAR” received stripped-back edits for cinematic effect, each flexing the talented producer’s multi-media muscle.

“SAY” drops the floor from under the listener, while alluring with light verses, while “DROP DRAWS” is the bass house offering to add another notch to the versatile LP. Throughout the project, listeners are subjected to a variety of genres within the bass space from midtempo, downtempo, trap, space bass, and techno, to dubstep, future bass, electro rock, and bass house. It’s a stellar debut portfolio from LICK.

Photo credit: Jeremy Verone

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