MEMBA release sublime second chapter in the ‘SAGA’ release series, ‘SAGA-II’MEMBA

MEMBA release sublime second chapter in the ‘SAGA’ release series, ‘SAGA-II’

MEMBA take a different course of stylistic action on SAGA-II, the second installment in the electronic duo’s three-part conceptual release series. SAGA-I arrived as a cerebral three-cut effort with sauntering rhythms and a barefaced indulgence in bass. Sitting at a total of seven tracks, SAGA-II is less aggressive in its implementation of the low end in comparison to the inaugural EP of the sonic SAGA. SAGA-II prioritizes nimble instrumentation, as evident on “Boundless” and “Schools Out,” among other EP inclusions.

SAGA-II channels the feeling of childhood and that universal wonder we are all born with. That wide-eyed curiosity and desire for play that slowly fades as life goes on. This EP is a really personal one for us, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it


Rippling melodies undulate across SAGA-II‘s body. There’s a tonal brightness to the EP that characterizes SAGA-II as a spirited, particularly effervescent endeavor. MEMBA involve vocals in an impactful capacity: the vocals of “Smara” showcase the powerful synchronicity of MEMBA’s musical arrangements and the vocal, as do EVAN GIIA‘s on “Walls Down.”

SAGA-II is out now via Foreign Family Collective.

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