Moon Boots taps Kaleena Zanders for second release from forthcoming albumMoon Boots Kaleena Zanders

Moon Boots taps Kaleena Zanders for second release from forthcoming album

The release date for Moon Boots‘ new LP, Bimini Road, creeps closer, and the New York native is gearing up for its full unveiling on Anjunadeep. He’s giving fans a taste of what’s to come with the album’s second single, “Juanita.”

“Juanita” is effortlessly groovy, tapping into listeners’ natural instinct to move their feet to the beat. A sexy vocal hook from Kaleena Zanders seals the deal, as her voice glides fluidly over the funky instrumentals the producer’s concocted. It’s a soulful and joyful piece of music, born of two artists joining forces at a retreat.

“Kaleena’s voice is so incredible and her energy is so infectious. You just have to see it to believe it.” Moon Boots noted in a press release. “I’m amazed thinking back on the session that turned into ‘Juanita.’ It was late at night and our sober daytime sessions had morphed into a full-blown party. Kaleena was saying ‘I need aerobics’ over and over while I was messing around on an SH-101. I asked if she could change it to ‘Juanita hold me.’ It shouldn’t work but it just does. I’m so grateful it was all recorded because it could have been a moment in time we laughed about and half-remembered. This is one of the club tracks I am most proud of, and none of it would be possible without Kaleena’s unstoppable energy and talent.”

Bimini Road is out Sept. 6 on Anjunadeep. Pre-order it here, and catch Moon Boots on tour with a seven-piece band here.

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