ORBIT Playlist: Whipped Cream compiles 20 raucous selects, reflects on her sonic rise [Q&A]Whipped Cream Hard Summer 2017 E1566957178978

ORBIT Playlist: Whipped Cream compiles 20 raucous selects, reflects on her sonic rise [Q&A]

A veritable force to be reckoned with in electronic circles, Whipped Cream has brought her blistering brand of bass from one United States city to the next in an explosive exposition of her high-octane sound. The Canadian-born producer’s festival season agenda included Baltimore’s Moonrise Festival, where she commandeered the event’s Stellar Stage. Whipped Cream’s edgy, dubstep-flecked style of bass music blared from the speakers as the rapidly rising artist delivered a ground-shaking set, which included several sonic sneak peeks of unreleased material soon to come.

Dancing Astronaut caught up with Whipped Cream for a rapid fire Q&A session, complemented by an ORBIT Playlist. Although Moonrise Festival 2019 has concluded, the intense, low-end technics of Whipped Cream’s set expand on her ORBIT Playlist, which arrives as a speaker worthy collection of cuts featuring Bassnectar, Excision, Tory Lanez, ATLiens, and more.

What catalyzed you to want to make electronic music specifically, as opposed to any other genre of music? Did you always want to become an artist and producer?

Honestly when you’re making music on a computer you can make any type of music. I wouldn’t say my project is mainly electronic music–my tastes are always evolving and there will be more records to come in the next few months that will show you what I mean by that.

I believe that I’ve been an artist since I was a young child. When I was a competitive figure skater I would express myself through music on the ice.

Do you recall the first electronic song that had an impact on you? If you do, what was it and what about the track got your attention?

I think the song that had the biggest impact on me was Active Child’s “Hanging On.” I saw it performed live the first time [I attended] a music festival and it completely blew me away.

What was your vision [for the music that you wanted to create] when you first began producing. Has that vision changed at all in the years that have followed your initial entry into the music industry?

My vision was to make exactly what I wanted from the start. Music has always given me purpose. That has not changed since day one.

You overhear a group of festival goers talking about the set you just played. How do you hope that they describe it?

My only hope is that people connect with my music and feed off the energy at my shows, [that] my music is their own experience.

What has been the biggest music industry learning experience to date for you since you’ve been active in the scene?

The biggest thing I have learned is to follow my intuition and always be open to listening and learning. I want to live like a child and create like a child.

What’s next for Whipped Cream as 2019 winds down? Do you have any other projects currently in the pipeline before year’s end?

[I shared] lot of new music [shared at] Moonrise Festival this weekend, and I absolutely can’t wait to debut some [other] new stuff. I’m also looking forward to some time off the road this fall to work on more new music.

Looking ahead, do you have one particular musical goal that you’d like to accomplish in 2020? If so, what might it be?

My goal for 2020 is to be fully at peace and share my art to the fullest [extent] I can.

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