Outside Lands gets approval from SF to sell marijuana on groundsOutside Lands

Outside Lands gets approval from SF to sell marijuana on grounds

Outside Lands has joined the list of major festivals earning permission to sell marijuana on its grounds. In fact, the San Francisco-based event is the first large scale gathering of its kind in California to earn the rights. On August 9-11, guests over the age of 21 will now be able to enjoy a THC buzz at Grasslands—a sectioned-off area in the venue where guests can purchase and ingest weed products before heading off to enjoy a band of their choice.

The decision to allow open marijuana sales and consumption at Outside Lands is part of a test program by San Francisco that allows seven events total to set up their own consumption areas, including Folsom Street Fair and the next PRIDE event. However, Outside Lands is a particularly unique approval in this instance due to its scale and nature. Alex Traverso, a spokesman for California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, stated, “I think Outside Lands is unique in that it’s a large outdoor music festival in the park — not typically where cannabis events have been licensed.”

It remains to be seen as to whether or not other major music festivals in California will follow suit.

H/T: LA Times

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