R3HAB vs Vini Vici feat’ Pangea & DEGO – AlivePress Pic R3HAB C R3HAB

R3HAB vs Vini Vici feat’ Pangea & DEGO – Alive

It’s time to live like you’re never gonna die.

It’s been 7 years since R3HAB rose to stardom and he continues to show no signs of slowing down. The multi-faceted producer has touched nearly every genre in his lengthy career and his latest finds him dabbling in psytrance with duo Vini Vici and vocalists Pangea & Dego. “Alive” may be a fusion of two styles that are world’s apart, but R3HAB’s craftsmanship has delivered a track that is dancefloor-friendly and summer-ready without isolating fans of either style. His own carefully crafted melodies and upbeat sound design is matched by the heavy hitting nature of Vini Vici’s psytrance style. Combine that with anthemic vocals and one hell of a catchy hook — it’s literally impossible to not whistle along — and you’ve got another certifiable anthem from the producer who built a career on turning main stages into pure mayhem.

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