RAC reimagines Tycho’s silky ‘Pink & Blue’ with Saint SinnerRAC Photo Credit Claire Marie Vogel

RAC reimagines Tycho’s silky ‘Pink & Blue’ with Saint Sinner

When Tycho‘s “Pink & Blue” was first released, fans welcomed the contemplative tune and its silky vocals courtesy of Saint Sinner. The San Francisco-based musician had in the past focused mainly on instrumentals and composition, and the majority of his work didn’t include vocals.

This took a turn with Tycho’s fifth studio album, Weather, which debuted in July. He tapped songstress Saint Sinner for five of its eight tracks, instating a new chapter in his discography. This seems to have resonated with esteemed producer RAC, who lends his creative touch to a new official remix of “Pink & Blue.”

RAC’s interpretation of “Pink & Blue” sees the song take on a more pop-oriented, lighthearted atmosphere. It’s a brighter, breezier take on the tune, giving listeners the chance to absorb all three artists’ creativity in a new way. See what RAC said about this opportunity below.

Photo credit: Claire Marie Vogel

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