Shlohmo flaunts scoring skills in HBO’s ‘Share’Shlohmo Header

Shlohmo flaunts scoring skills in HBO’s ‘Share’

It’s already known that Shlohmo is an excellent sound designer. The producer has been a powerful force across multiple music genres for the past decade, showing off his skill and verstality in the studio through a multitude of all-star collaborations, solo works, and remixes. He can now add film scores to his lengthy resumĂ©, thanks to HBO’s latest film venture, Share.

He’s crafted a 17-piece collage of clippings as moody as the film they were made for, piecing together a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments to create a hypnotizing ambient atmosphere. Skillful sound effects and arrangement add a poignant touch to the overall product, while hitting the ears at all the sonically satisfying points. It’s an impressive debut into the film scoring world by the veteran—though the quality is unsurprising.

Prior to Share, Shlohmo released his third album, The End, to critical acclaim. Its intriguing blend of rock and electronica made for a refreshing, forward-thinking record, with each track coming together into the artist’s cohesive expression of accepting inevitable death at the hands of the apocalypse.

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