Skrillex reconvenes with Boys Noize and Ty Dolla $ign at the ‘Midnight Hour’ [Stream]Skrille

Skrillex reconvenes with Boys Noize and Ty Dolla $ign at the ‘Midnight Hour’ [Stream]

With Skrillex officially back on the one’s and two’s thus far through 2019, the sun has steadily shined over the electronic ether. In fact, in the last three months, Skrillex has released more material under his own banner than he has in the last three years. His latest release with serial counterpart, Boys Noize, arrives with four-on-the-floor gusto, seamlessly in line with the stylistic shape of much of the pair’s recent catalog.

But “Midnight Hour” mysteriously arrives without the duo’s resounding Dog Blood emblem, rather as a joint release under their respective aliases, with Skrillex’s frequent collaborator Ty Dolla $ign in tow. The delineation gives weight to the recent stirrings of a potential multi-track solo project from Skrillex in the works; a notion bolstered by Skrillex’s own repeated insistence that he’s currently sitting on droves of new music.

However, a representative from Skrillex’s team was only able to confirm that the track is the OWSLA boss’ first true single since 2017, and sits currently as a standalone release. Still, after a seductive house leaner on “Midnight Hour,” Skrill’s left the door for a forthcoming extended endeavor noticeably ajar.

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