Watch deadmau5 delve into his upcoming Cube V.3 stage productionUmf19b 159

Watch deadmau5 delve into his upcoming Cube V.3 stage production

deadmau5 is more than just a musical pioneer; he is a production perfectionist. While he has recently gotten back into DJing via his techno alias TESTPILOT, he always performs a live set when touring as deadmau5, and that live set is always accompanied by a brand new visual show that will only exist for the duration of that tour.

His latest technological masterwork takes the form of the Cube V.3 which recently debuted at Creamfields. Unlike with most audio-visual performances of this scale, however, deadmau5, a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman, is in complete control of both the music and the production.

During the show Zimmerman stands within the cube, altering the angle, the direction of face, and of course the visual content all while rocking the classic, progressive deadmau5 dance music that made him who he is.

Watch the video below to take a tour of the cube, and marvel and all the intricacies that Zimmerman can both explain and operate all by himself.

Photo by Rukes

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