YouTube improves copyright policy for creatorsDims

YouTube improves copyright policy for creators

YouTube has taken steps in addressing copyright claims of very short music clips used in monetized videos by requiring copyright owners to provide timestamps for any manual claims. This helps YouTube understand which part of the video is being claimed, as they’ve ran into concerns of high volumes of manual claiming transferring all revenue from the creator to the claimant no matter how much music was claimed.

Recently, they announced improvements to their copyright policy in the hopes to level the playing field in the creator ecosystem. Now, no matter how short the video is, it can still be claimed and copyright owners will still be able to prevent monetization or block the video from being viewed. The new policy will forbid copyright owners from using YouTube’s Manual Claiming tool to monetize creator videos with short uses of music. This adaptation only affects claims made with the Manual Claiming tool putting the responsibility on the rights holder to review.

These new policies will be put into effect mid-September, giving time for copyright owners to implement their necessary changes.

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