Above & Beyond add ‘Hideaway’ to their vast Anjunadeep collectionAbove And Beyond Press Photo By Amelia Troubridge 2018 Billboard 1548

Above & Beyond add ‘Hideaway’ to their vast Anjunadeep collection

Above & Beyond are at it again with a new therapeutic trance track, titled “Hideaway.” No stranger to the UK trio, record label Anjunadeep claims the release to add to its vast collection of trance hits.

Above & Beyond’s exquisite production level is evident in every ounce of the group’s new single. “Hideaway” has an ebb and flow that encourages the listener to participate in the journey that is trance music. The uplifting notes to the track are met equally by dark undertones and assertive synth textures. It’s is a classic Above & Beyond track, perfect for closing the eyes and getting lost in their story of sounds.

Anjunadeep features both a regular and extended mix of the track from Above & Beyond, and both are dreamy trance delights.

Photo credit: Amelia Troubridge

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