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AC Slater – Laid Off

AC Slater has dropped off a brand new sonic treat on his Night Bass imprint. The single, “Laid Off,” is rambunctious as ever, taking listeners on a bumpy, yet pleasant ride on top of punchy kicks, heady bass, and squelchy synth progressions. Per usual, the record feels fit to drive the dancefloor into a frenzy, and will likely do so in the coming months.

“Laid Off” closes a strong summer release run for AC Slater. He paired with Kaleena Zanders at the end of May for an anthemic vocal tune “Final Fantasy,” and later landed on UKF with a fiery “Represent.” Expect to hear all of these during his current tour, which includes a stop in LA on September 28 before a brief jaunt in Europe, followed by Australia.

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