Andrew Bayer employs industrial sonics in invigorating ‘True Feelin’ follow-up, ‘Bottle Top Trance’Andrew Bayer Open End Resource Club Mi

Andrew Bayer employs industrial sonics in invigorating ‘True Feelin’ follow-up, ‘Bottle Top Trance’

Avid Anjuna resident, Andrew Bayer‘s artistic development has persistently beckoned, within his prolific pool of counterparts, to become one of the most gratifying and graceful to witness, as he continues to craft quality, genre-bending music. Audaciously experimenting with his sound, the Grammy-nominated producer has molded his own electrifying trance strain, while reaping auspicious credits on three of Above & Beyond‘s (his label heads), studio albums. After shifting from club cuts to an indie-empowered third studio album in the form of In My Last Life, Bayer has resolved to return to his analog club inclinations on his forthcoming EP, Parallels. Following the first single, “True Feelin,” “Bottle Top Trance” unabashedly hones in on the direct dance-floor functionality that Bayer built his brand on.

Beginning with clanging percussions and a driving bass-line, “Bottle Top Trance” takes structural elements from classic trance anthems to construct an energy-ridden track fit for both the big stage and ambitious clandestine locales. Bayer introduces a nuanced melody while playing with hard-hitting beats, chiming embellishments, and rolling drums. Infusing his own industrial touch into his “ode to trance,” Bayer exercises versatility in creating unique club instrumentals that carry heavier and more robust listening capabilities—ultimately delivering a refreshing alternative route to the more trodden and modern trance pathway.

“‘Bottle Top Trance’ is another ode to music I loved when I was growing up,” writes Bayer in a recent release. “So much of my music is quite serious, but here I wanted to draw influence from some of the classic, Euro-dance and trance ear-worms that I listened to when I growing up – music that was made for big dancefloor moments, but had a sense of fun to it… almost bordering on silliness.”

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